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Enjay Boutique is an online high-end women's boutique that provides street-chic, designer apparel and accessories.  Enjay prides itself on striving to stimulate awareness of fashion trends, beauty, and its industry.

Enjay provides external resources to provide information for women.  Women may receive styling and beuty tips, feature interviews from supporting designers, and models, top stories of fashion-industry related tops.

Enjay has a strong passion to motivate and support women's needs to continue to be fashionable and ahead of her time.

Enjay's Guarantee is to provide free shipping on all ground shiping orders and returns.  Enjay makes it a priority to provide above and beyond customer service to ensure every customer needs are being met.




Enjay, named for Founder and CEO, Natalie Johnson launched the sites of her Houston-based boutique in March 2010.  It has quickly become the premier boutique destination for Houston, TX.

The store houses a world class mix of fashion, accessories, and collections from herself, all merchandised with a unique point of view.  Enjay has been featured in several major local publications including Houston Style Magazine.





With the vast experience, Enjay is passionate about helping women look as great as they feel.  Our chic dresses, artisan jackets, and tummy tuck technology jeans have built quite a following at our boutique-but we hear it's our combination of great style, one-of-a-kind details, and warm, personal service that has captured the hearts of women nationwide.

How do we do it?  It's all about you.  Honestly.  

Enjay's motto is "Fashionably At Your Service."  Every time we pick up a pencil to sketch a new design or carefully select new designers, we think about you: where you're going, what you're doing, what will flatter your body and make you feel fabulous.

Our associates really are style experts-just contact the boutique, and they'll help you coordinate, accessorize, and build a wardrobe that's right for you.  Contact us to say hello, make friends, get style tips, and see what's just come in:  new designs arrive frequently and each one is specifically created to fit a woman's body and look fantastic.

Even as Enjay is continuously growing, our values-beautiful apparel, exceptional service and deep appreciation for our customers-still remain at the heart of who we are today.




To offer the same carefully selected veteran and up and coming designer clothes to women around the world, and to replicate the same level of personalized service that Enjay is known for.




To offer a level of service that other online boutiques can not match.  We pride ourselves on our personalized service, the quality and beauty of the clothes and accessories we carefully select, and the exceptional shopping experience we create for each of our guests.

Phone Number: 888-467-7747