Lucy Caire


I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not make art.  After pursuing my Fine Arts degree at Louisiana Tech University, I came to Houston in 1971 and began working at Boone Advertising as an artist/draftsman.  Glassell School of Art was still in its old location on Graustark and I would go over there after work for night classes.  I attended every workshop that I could find and afford to take and still love to explore different styles and approaches when painting a specific subject.

I began working the in the field of Liturgical Art over a decade ago and, after my last major commission in 2007, decided to explore the world of secular art.  My first opportunity for a "collaborative work" came from a friend of mine, Natalie Alikhan, who is a very gifted photographer.  She had taken some wonderful images of the urban landscapes of downtown Houston, which I translated onto canvas.

As a Liturgical Artist, I created antependiums, fixed and processional banners, icons, medallions and stations of the cross.  Examples of some of the work can be viewed on this website as well under "Installations".  All of the work is site specific and is in places of prayer and worship in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Maine and Mississippi.

My interest now is in painting landscapes.  Some of the urban landscapes have found their homes in offices and private residences in the Houston area.

After sharing a studio space with several of my artist friends at Studio 7 (right down the Docks from Diverse Works), I moved to Winter Street Studios in 2007.

I love to create.

I am uneasy when my friends refer to me as an "artist", although

creating art is what I do.  On many happy occasions, I actually

get paid for it which is a nice affirmation.

Other things that I do.......volunteer and  stay active in

various charities that are near and dear to my heart,

travel with my husband, cook for my friends, share a love of

books with my buddies,

and am a

GRANDMOTHER!!!!!! to the most enchanting

child ever born since our son, Matt, came into

our life. 

I believe in a Creator, I don't like to think that  I am blessed because that would

indicate a choice made to bless me and not another, to save me and not

another, to listen to my needs and not another's.

Rather,  I like to say that I

do feel incredibly lucky. 

For that, I thank my family and my friends for helping me to realize

that every day.

Mobile Phone Number: 713-553-5457